How to Prepare Ceremonial Cacao

When preparing Cacao for your ceremony, we recommend staying present with the process of mindful and attentive cooking - because this is where your ceremony actually begins. All the magic of your healing and love, given by the Spirit of Cacao - is born here; with your intention, with your presence and respect.

Although it’s not always easy, the most important thing to remember while preparing Cacao is to mindfully connect with every element of the making process. Breathe, move, and handle your utensils with awareness. Smell the cacao and all the other scents in your kitchen. Look out the window and remember how lucky you are to have a warm and safe place to live.


In this memo we have collected for you:
- Information about the dosages and how to navigate your portions
- Recommendations prior to your ceremony
- Our favourite recipes


Average Daily portion: Daily portions are safe to have every day - this way the medicine will have a positive long-term effect on your body, mind and spirit; acting as an antidepressant and over time, expanding your heart more than ever. 

Meditation portion: While meditation portions can also be taken every day, these will give you an instant warming effect - with this portion, you are welcome to spend some more time with Cacao and let it overflow you with a gentle, yet powerful sensation of love.

Ceremonial portion: Ceremonial portions shouldn’t be taken more than 3 times a week, because this is a powerful tool for self-exploration and deep healing: be ready to experience mind-blowing feelings of bliss, acceptance and more than anything else, love.

Cacao for children: Be aware that kids can be very sensitive to Ceremonial Cacao as it contains stimulants. They also don't need it as much, since they are more present anyway. If you do want to give them a little Cacao, start with a tiny amount of 5 grams and see how they get along with it.

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We hope you are already feeling confident and excited about your own Cacao journey! We can say that Cacao has transformed many lives, including our own - each time unraveling more and more of our own Nature, connecting us to the heart and to the magic around us. We have no doubt this path is going to be full of love for you as well. 

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With Love,

Rituall Team