About Us

Here at Rituall Team we are more than just Cacao enthusiasts: this medicine is something that has transformed our lives in many ways - bringing us together, healing our own inner world and sharing the blessing of Cacao with our larger community. We are not only medicine people, facilitators and space holders; being the servants of Cacao, we are aware of the origins of this sacred plant. 

That is why our core mission has become to not only carry the blessings of Cacao into the world, but share its message from the place of authenticity and respect for the indigenous wisdom that has preserved the traditions of ceremonial use of Cacao for centuries. With deep gratitude to the native peoples of Central America and the Amazon, we have found our approach to Cacao rooted in exploration and appreciation of civilisations and tribes, walking the ways of medicine since the dawn of mankind. 

This is how - in learning the indigenous legends, expanding our worldview, and drawing connections between Pachamama (Mother Earth), Cacao and the ancient Gods of Mesoamerica; Rituall was born.

With much support and love from our local communities, we are now passing the spirit of Cacao through words, actions, and medicine itself - together returning to our roots and the source of Love, coming from Mother Earth.